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This wiki contains any and all information on the tabletop RPG The Quintalis Chronicles. The game borrows a lot from Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, so if you’ve played that before, these rules here won’t be entirely new to you. Everything in this wiki is the campaign setting and the underlying system in one, which is to say it contains both the rules and the background story used to play. This is a roleplaying game at its core, so every player (except for game master or GM) creates their own character according to the rules. The more backstory the character has, the more fun they will be to play. 

One thing that sets this system apart from most other roleplaying systems is the addition of cards to signify items such as weapons and armour, which adds another layer of intrigue to things like loot, not to mention how much it simplifies keeping track of inventory. Everything contained in here is very much experimental and there are bound to be quite a few clashes at this point, but we’ll try to iron out all the flaws as the game grows.

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