The Vidur are the dwellers of Arstidur's sprawling forests. Being generally peaceful, they have adapted the appearance of trees, which makes them blend in perfectly with the forest around them. Being intimidated by technology, they are rumoured to still live in the gigantic forests in tribal communities. Only few ever venture outside of their homes. 

Appearance Edit

Often bald, although some have hair ranging from Dark Brown to Green

Medium to Heavy Build 

Wide range of height, from Tiny to Gargantuan 

Fairly dark brown skin with hues of green, red and orange. Often cracked and resembling of bark. 

Look very much like trees, with sunken features and almost twisted looking limbs 

Stat Bonuses Edit

+1 Will 

+2 Perception 

-1 Charisma 

-2 Agility 

Racial Feat Edit

Forest Dweller 

Woodlore +2, Botany +2 

Racial Abilities Edit

Root Growth 

The caster roots themselves into the ground and extracts life from the earth below, healing for (Level)d6 stamina per turn. 

Can only be used whilst standing on natural ground. 

Caster becomes unable to do anything else while rooted. 

Naming Conventions Edit

Very Ent like names, cobbled together from words relating to forests. 

Example: Oakwaif 



Age Edit

5-20 Fledgling 

21-50 Young 

51-85 Middle Age 

86-120 Old 

121+ Venerable 

+1d1000 Maximum Age