The Urminn, also known as the Ancients, are a race of people native to the peaks of Quintalis' highest mountains. Through enourmous systems of caves, they have made enoromus fortifications inside the mountains and are not welcoming to outsiders. 

Appearance Edit

Light hair colours, but with shades of Red and Orange being very common. 

Large eyes and ears 

Stocky to Thin Build 

Very Short to Medium height 

Very light skinned, ranging from Pale Peach to 

Porcelain White. 

At the end of puberty, Urminn often suddenly gain extreme amounts of muscle mass, generally changing their appearance completely. Urminn that miss out on this transformation are often shamed and cast out, 

Stat Bonuses Edit

(Pre Puberty) +1 Charisma 

(Pre Puberty) +1 Dexterity 

(Pre Puberty) -1 Strength 

(Pre Puberty) -1 Constitution 

(Post Puberty) +2 Constitution 

(Post Puberty) +1 Strength 

(Post Puberty) -1 Intelligence 

(Post Puberty) -1 Luck 

(Post Puberty) -1 Charisma 

Racial Feat Edit


Vision is not impaired by darkness in any way and the character can see as clearly in the dark as in daylight. 

Racial Abilities Edit


The caster puts all their focus on the task at hand and their stamina will not reduce for one round. Wounds can still be inflicted. Base Roll is 1d6 + Constitution Level Adjustment

Naming Conventions Edit

Initially soft sounding names which then get changed into heavier versions upon transformation. 


Varis, becomes Varudt 

Flyd, becomes Flodr 

Sylf, becomes Surdla 

Age Edit

15-23 Fledgling 

24-40 Young 

41-60 Middle Age 

61-85 Old 

85+ Venerable 

+2d20 Maximum Age