The Tröll, also known as Highlanders, are a sturdy race of hearty men and women. They are a very proud people who excel at crafts and war. Native to the northern reaches of Himbrun, they are very resilient against cold temperatures but feel uncomfortable when it gets hot. 

Appearance Edit

Low saturated hair colours, ranging from dark blue to light grey 

Stocky Build 

Medium Tall to Enormous Height 

Mostly Pale skin colours with hues of Pink and Blue 

Often bearded, as it is regarded highly in Tröll society 

Stat Bonuses Edit

+1 Constitution 

+1 Strength 

-1 Intelligence 

-1 Perception 

Racial Feat Edit

Iron Constitution 

Constitution rolls get a +2 result bonus. Also allows for near unlimited alcohol intake. 

Racial Abilities Edit


The caster gathers all their strength and incapacitates the target of their next attack for one turn. 

Flip a coin to determine success. 

Naming Conventions Edit

Short and simple, single names. A lot of hearty vowels like O, E, U. 





Age Edit

20-29 Fledgling 

30-44 Young 

45-60 Middle Age 

61-89 Old 

90+ Venerable 

+4d20 Maximum Age