Said to be native to Eldur's northern islands, the Skjomadur are everywhere there is coin to be made. Respectable sailors, the high seas are their homes. Some put their skills to paid use, some dictate their own lives. But no matter what- they will always return to the sea. 

Appearance Edit

Wide variety of hair colours and styles 

Medium Small to Very Heavy Build 

Medium Small to Tall height 

Very Dark Tan to Medium Light skin 

Bags on the side of neck to store oxygen 

Natural claws, although some file them down 

Stat Bonuses Edit

+1 Dexterity 

+1 Agility 

-1 Intelligence 

-1 Will 

Racial Feat Edit


Can survive under water for extended periods of time. 

Racial Abilities Edit


The caster uses a secret technique to walk along water at the cost of 2MP per minute (turn). 

MP Cost is 5 

Naming Conventions Edit

Basic First Name – Last Name with influences from cultures all over Quintalis, but always ensured to roll off the tongue. 


Abe Longfloss 

Burbor Hossa 

Jon Farrow 

Age Edit

10-16 Fledgling 

17-25 Young 

26-40 Middle Age 

41-65 Old 

66+ Venerable 

+2d12 Maximum Age