The Nyrn are the people of Southern Himbrun. They have a natural talent for Esper and are of a very tall and skeletal build. Over the centuries, the swamps the Nyrn call their homes have left a mark on their appearances, They are often hunched over, speak in hushed voices and have boils and scars all over their bodies. This has left them as the victims of several witch hunts throughout the ages. 

Appearance Edit

Hair colours ranging from Black over Green, Red and Blue to White 

Skeletal Build 

Medium to Very Tall height 

Skin colours range across the colours of a muddy rainbow 

Very jagged features, sometimes scaly and occasionally covered in boils and scars from noxious swamp fumes. 

Stat Bonuses Edit

+1 Intelligence 

+1 Will 

-2 Charisma 

Racial Feat Edit

Esper Conduction 

Grants a +2 Bonus on rolls relating to Esper defense. 

Racial Abilities Edit

Esper Pulse 

Releases a directed pulse of pure Esper energy, independent of the caster’s Esper affinity. 

Base Roll is 1d6 

Can only be used when stamina is 25% or under 

Naming Conventions Edit

Given a name at birth relating to circumstance of birth or conception, which are added to throughout major events in a Nyrn's life, relating to said events. Example: Mystvalmortimquelviflusgaranphix, known as Mystval, who was born in the misty valley,the sole survivor of a Nyrn hunt at Quelvix, who found solace at the river Gar, who became the partner of Anphix. 

Age Edit

30-45 Fledgling 

46-75 Young 

76-100 Middle Age 

101-130 Old 

131+ Venerable 

+5d20 Maximum Age