The Madur are the people of Central Arstidur, also known as Heartlanders. They are a savvy race that have always excelled in creativity and invention, which has allowed them to take large parts of Arstidur by means of war and diplomacy. 

Appearance Edit

Wide range of "Natural" hair colours

Medium Build  Medium Short to Medium Tall Height  Tan to Pale Range of Skin Colours 

Stat Bonuses Edit

+1 Will

-1 Luck 

Racial Feat Edit

Motivated Mind  Succeeding in rolls relating to invention and strategizing restores 5 Stamina 

Racial Abilities Edit

Battlecry  Every one of caster’s allies gets a bonus to their next roll. Can only be used once a battle. 

Base Roll is 1d10 x Character Level 

Naming Conventions Edit

Simple First Name-Last Name structure. Often humanesque names. 

Example:  Arvid Ulvan,  Letitius Asmanur,  Marid Roven,  Asheel Basran 


12-18 Fledgling 

19-30 Young 

31-45 Middle Age 

46-70 Old 

71+ Venerable 

+2d20 Maximum Age