Natives of the deserts of Fara Fra, the Kanina are a slender and witty race. Well admired across Quintalis for their charming personalities and crafty wits, they are widespread wanderers. Easily identifiable by their unusual ears and tanned skin, as well as their remarkable flexibility. 

Appearance Edit

Black to light hazel hair, rarely blond, usually kept short 

Light to Medium build 

Medium Small to Very Tall Height 

Skin ranges from dark brown to light tan 

Thick eyelashes and large, fluffy ears to protect from sand. 

Also short tails 

Stat Bonuses Edit

+1 Charisma 

+1 Agility 

+1 Luck 

-1 Intelligence 

-2 Constitution 

Racial Feat Edit


+2 on rolls relating to interactions with characters that speak the same language. 

Racial Abilities Edit


The caster uses Esper to disperse into a cloud of sand and re-emerge three metres away. This can only be used once a day. 

Naming Conventions Edit

Lots of Qs and Xs and Is and general Paul Stewartesque sounding names. 


Filigrantis Voll

Iquiruis Fex 

Rostix Quirlefanzis 

Age Edit

15-21 Fledgling 

22-55 Young 

56-80 Middle Age 

81-105 Old 

106+ Venerable 

+4d20 Maximum Age