Also known as Deadlanders, the Draugur are a race of pale and lean appearance. Said to roam the ancient ruins scattered across Eldur, they kindle the imaginations of outsiders. Some say the Draugur are the restless bodies of the dead, some believe they are able to speak to the gods and prophecy the future. 

Appearance Edit

Grey to White hair, often thin although sometimes coloured 

Light to Skeletal build 

Small Medium to Tall Height 

Skin almost always Olive, Grey or White albeit flawless 

Blank eyes 

Sharp ears 

Stat Bonuses Edit

+1 Intelligence 

+1 Perception 

-1 Strength 

-1 Agility 

Racial Feat Edit

Silent Voice 

Allows telepathic communication with intelligent beings. 

Racial Abilities Edit

Fortune Telling 

The caster sacrifices an amount of their life force in order to improve their future luck. 

Sacrifice up to 10 points of stamina 

Increase next roll result by number of points drained. 

Naming Conventions Edit

Very Norse, very spooky. Usually a first name followed by a reference to the earliest time they can remember being alive. 


Ulgradur of the High Esperian Age 

Olafudor of the 3rd Witch Hunt 

Asgardin of the Age of Gods 

Age Edit

100-250 Fledgling 

251-430 Young 

431-750 Middle Age 

751-1200 Old 

1201+ Venerable 

+1d10000 Maximum Age