The history of Quintalis is divided up into 3 eras- The 1st Era, which is the time of the ancients. Not much is known about this age, except that it was before the Magi first appeared. It is said to have been a time of growth and of knowledge and of powerful Espers . The 2nd era is the age of the Magi. They wreaked havoc for more than a millennium, wiping out entire civilisations and plunging the world into chaos. Its end is marked by the banishment of the Magi by the Ten. The 3rd era is the age of technology. The first half of the era consisted of the survivors of the 2nd era rebuilding their lives, recovering from the Magi, followed by radical technological advancements, leading to the discovery of Lightning Shards .


3rd EraEdit

3E, 4520 (Current)Quentin Baraxidsh , the High King of the Dustlands is attacked by a raving Choroco in his stables and dies shortly thereafter. With no heirs to his name, the Dustlands are leaderless and quickly fall into an anarchy, controlled by those with money.

3E, 4223 – The Third Great Witch Hunt occurs in the North Eastern parts of Ursvamp , targeting the High Nyrn after the Hersier of one of the smaller city states spread hatred to the Jarl. The primary victims of this witch hunt were Nyrn children, who were killed and displayed with no remorse.

3E, 17The Ten , heralded as heroes and, in some cases, even gods, disappear with no accounts of their whereabouts. Word quickly spreads and after a thorough search of the continents, public opinion has decided that the Ten have ascended towards the Astral Realms to rule as gods.

3E, 1 – Quintalis is in disrepair after the destruction caused by the Magi . Many bonds formed over the prior era now either dissolve or meld into nations. 

2nd EraEdit

2E, 2312 – The Magi are banished by the Ten.

1st EraEdit

1E, 9365 – The first recorded instance of the Magi appearing to wipe out the majority of life on the continent of Eldur , turning it into a dead wasteland.