Esper that can harness the powers of darkness. They strike fear in their opponent’s hearts whilst draining their life energies. Shadow Espers are a mysterious bunch and one is well advised to never cross one. 


Inflicting status effects on enemies, using esper traps. 

Starting MoneyEdit

2d8 x 10 Gil

Class FeatEdit

Night Prowler (-2 to enemy's detection rolls. 3 metre aura effect.)

Skill BonusesEdit

Esper Sensitivity +1

Persuade +1

Sense Motive +1


Spell Requirements Description Base Roll Base Cost
Nox Shadow Esper Lvl 1

Creates darkness in a sphere around the caster of a 10 meter radius. None other than the caster are able to see through this. 

1d6  4MP

Shadow Esper Lvl 4, Nox Lvl 1

Entirely confuses target, causing them to target anything at random for spell roll’s amount of turns. 

1d8  8MP

Shadow Esper Lvl 8, Confuse Lvl 3

Creates a controllable copy of the caster with spell result’s amount of Stamina. Once stamina drops to 0, decoy vanishes. Can be used successively.

1d10  12MP

Shadow Esper Lvl 12, Decoy Lvl 2

Target falls into rage for roll result’s amount of turns. During Berserk, all of the inflicted’s armour is ignored and attack rolls are doubled.  

1d12 15MP

Shadow Esper Lvl 8, Nox Lvl 2

Causes target to become entirely invisible for roll result’s amount of turns. Target can still be touched.

1d8 10MP

Shadow Esper Lvl 8, Vanish Lvl 1

Times all party member’s current Stamina by roll result regardless of maximum Stamina until end of battle.

1d3 15MP

Shadow Esper Lvl 12, Bubble Lvl 1, Maximum Level 3

Creates a sphere no larger than the caster’s size of enhanced gravity around a target, pulling it downwards with increased force, causing it to take roll result of Stamina damage in percent of remaining Stamina. 

2d20 18MP

Shadow Esper Lvl 20, Gravita Lvl 3, Maximum Level 1

Modifies gravity around target, allowing it to be tied to different directions in addition to taking damage. Subtract spell’s MP cost for every successive round gravity stays modified. Damage is roll result in percentage of remaining Stamina.

1d100-1 25MP

Shadow Esper Lvl 16,Vanish Lvl 1

Syphons target’s MP by roll result. Eye contact is required.

1d10 5 Stamina

Shadow Esper Lvl 16,Vanish Lvl 1

Drains roll result of Stamina off the target’s life force. Bodily contact is required.

1d10 5MP

Shadow Esper Lvl 20, Drain Lvl 3, Syphon Lvl 2, Maximum Level 1

Curses target for instant death after an amount of rounds determined by roll result. Can only be removed by Espers and completely heals undead.

1d20 30MP